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Presentation of the Renaissance board game


Renaissance is a sequel to Montjoie. It is based upon the same principles but includes new elements to match the historical specificities of the Renaissance. It is published by Asmodée in France and will be adapted for Germany and the USA.

From 3 to 6 players, you will embody one of six factions - Florence, Mila, Venice, Genoa, Rome and Naples – from 1454 and 1492, additional scenarios enabling you to go through the Italy wars with Francis I and Charles V, Holy Roman Emperor.

The board representing Italy is made of about 40 cities (Sienna, Palermo, Ancona, Rome…) and divided into provinces (Lombardy, Venetia, Tuscany…) that players must conquer but also embellish by building palaces and attracting famous artists, which will earn them renaissance points.

Condottieri are typical from that time: they were Italian or foreign mercenary leaders employed by the various republics and states. Powerful, but also instable and treacherous, condottieri are a double-edged weapon in the game: they can turn against you as well as support your allies, should they be prepared to pay for their services.

Palaces are a new type of building that can act as bank or as an artist’s studio. When an artist takes up residency in a palace, he brings with him a Renaissance point – but beware you don’t let Savonarole the Monk in: he will burn down your palace and you will have to start again from scratch. It is a shorter game than Montjoie! and it boasts many new cards, making the game tenser and more diplomacy orientated. The territories owned by each faction are more intricate, creating numerous sources of conflict and turning you into a proper Machiavelli.

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Download for the Renaissance boargame

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Additionnal scenario for Renaissance: François Ier et la défaite de Pavie (on the Asmodée website).

Presentation of classical Montjoie ! boardgame


Montjoie ! is a Hundred Years’s War based strategy board game for 3 to 6 players. Originally published in 1998 by Tilsit, it boasts three editions and 25000 copies sold in France, Germany, Italy and the USA.

You are invited to embody one of six factions (France, England, Burgundy, Brittany, Navarre, and Flanders) that fought over the French realm. The board represents France, with about 60 cities (Paris, Auxerre, Bordeaux, Clermont…), and is divided into Provinces (Anjou, Flanders, Armagnac…) which players must try and conquer to earn point as pretender to the throne of France.

Each city brings in money that will allow players to buy castles, fortresses and army cards. Upon each round, players complete extensions to capture free cities and settle a garrison there, and attempt to set siege to other garrisons’ cities by playing army cards. Army cards include a series of special cards such as the engineer, the traitor, the retreat, the sign from God, the ambassador or the skinners: they allow for special actions, such as to destroy castles or plunder enemy territories. Events such as plague epidemics, pope interventions, great battles and truces are set in motion each round, depending on the political state of France (Peace or War) as voted by the players.

Montjoie ! is a game where no faction is really strong enough to win on its own: players must make alliances and betray each other, depending on their interests in their quest for power. The game, currently out of print, has become “collector”, but Asmodées has published a sequel called Renaissance: in Renaissance Italy, Milan, Florence, Genoa, Venice, Rome and Naples fight to get control over Italian cities and their fabulous artists.

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